All The Things I Dare To Do

All The Things I Dare To Do

Life coaching is something I had considered, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

Image by Apricot Berlin

It’s something that I became aware of from listening to podcasts such as Inspirational Living, The School of Greatness and Over and On With It.

I love listening to positive stories and messages. I make use of any moment that I have to myself, such as travel time in the car. I even listen to podcasts when I am grocery shopping!


Running a business is something that I truly enjoy. I love a challenge. I especially love that in business, I serve all different parts of our community. I have worked in disability, in agriculture, in social enterprise, in health, and in fundraising.

Drawing By Izzy Stewart

Drawing by Lizzy Stewart

One of my strengths is my organisational ability; my project management skills and my creativity to deliver a message. I pride myself on being prepared for every situation and possibility. My foundation of consistency and discipline is my formula for making creativity happen.


Scarily, some of my firm beliefs started going a bit wonky in my third year of running my business. Growing a business was all time consuming and I started to feel exhausted and unsure about my next step. To my horror, I was coming up with indecisive and incomplete ideas and visions!


I decided to take up the opportunity of three complimentary sessions, provided by central Victorian life coach; SallyRose, of Restore and Replenish. I had worked with SallyRose on a mental-health engagement project last year. I really enjoyed working with her. I admired the way she made everyone around her feel at ease and quickly brought out the best in everyone.


At my first session with SallyRose, she welcomed me to a judgment-free space. I entered giving SallyRose complete permission to challenge me. I was delighted that the permission specifically was for my unconscious mind to be challenged and for my conscious mind to become aware of the unconscious. (What a mind twister!)


All the things I dare to do


Her first question was, “What would you like to call this session,” and I replied, “All the things I dare to do.”


Over three, one-hour sessions, SallyRose dedicated her time to listening to my ideas, thoughts, concerns, vision for my business, vision for my health, my creativity, my future and my family. Coaching is about making time for reflection and feeling safe about not getting everything right. In fact, I found a lot of what I chose to talk about surprising—shifting away from my business to my family and my core relationships.

In the second session, we talked about beliefs and language. For someone who works a great deal in engagement and connecting people, you would think I found this easy—but to be honest with you, when I stop and stilled myself, connecting with my inner beliefs was confronting.


SallyRose broke down this process to reflect on my values and how important they are into my life, by walking me through the “wheel” exercise. Basically, it was visually slicing a circle up into wedges that represent different aspects of life—from family, friends, career, health, spirituality, play etc.


It was a great opportunity to get off the treadmill of delivering to others—be it in business or at home—and connect with me. SallyRose calls this “belief coaching.” She explained to me that as you become familiar with your beliefs—the beliefs that serve you and those that don’t serve you—you naturally build the skills to change them and grow as a person.


power to create joy


In the book (referred to me by SallyRose as my homework) Feel the Fear and do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers, I really liked reading about the power within yourself to get to know your beliefs and change them—or confront a fear, be afraid, yet do it anyway! Jeffers writes about power within self as being, “Power over your perceptions of the world, power over how you react to situations in your life, power to do what is necessary for your own self-growth, power to create joy and satisfaction in your life, power to act and power to love.”


SallyRose is based in Castlemaine, and she is ready and able to travel in central Victoria to deliver coaching to people and also in work-places. I met with SallyRose both at my office (although I was worried I would be all tears!) and at her studio.


She is offering three complimentary coaching sessions to people. I really urge to you get in touch with SallyRose and try life coaching. I know my time with SallyRose has added value to my business, my family life and also my inner life.


As a small business owner, I deeply valued the life coaching with Restore and Replenish; to reflect with someone with the tools to help me grow my business and my creativity.

Image by Apricot Berlin

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