Fundraising That Builds Community Capacity

The South Pacific has been listed as one of the poorest countries on earth. Being such a close neighbour to Australia, this should not be the case.   There is so much at risk within this region. Just one of the major issues this region is fighting, is climate change, resulting [...]

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Bendigo’s Smart City Bid Bends the Rules

Sometimes, rules and regulation get in the way of creative solutions in business. Creatively growing business often means re-thinking everything and pushing the boundaries that may be constraining your activities. Create Business is speaking with Leah Sertori, CEO of Be.Bendigo, a platform for visionary organisations to help shape the business [...]

Signarama Bendigo Talking Profit and Loss

I’m in an impressive, neat and modern print and design studio, housing million-dollar printing machines in Bendigo. Peter Reading is the managing director of the Bendigo Signarama franchise. Discovering we are both green tea lovers and both grew up on dairy farms, our conversation shifted quickly away from a formal [...]

Getting Uncomfortable with Death and Creativity at The Departure

“Death has always been milling around in my practice.” I’m in the light-filled gorgeous studio space of Hayley West. Her beautiful making and showing space are within the new Mill complex in Castlemaine. A Central Victorian township that is affectionately known as North Northcote,” brimming with creative businesses operating with [...]

Join bHive and Share Local

The answers to our problems are local, and it is all about your reputation on bHive. It took me a little while to understand Ian McBurney’s vision to connect the people of Bendigo (a regional town in Australia of 120,000 people) to one another, and to services and products they [...]

Creativity Thrives With Compassion

The framework of your practice determines the impact of your creativity. I am fortunate to have met and interviewed one of my community’s amazing female leaders. I love speaking to different people from all different industries and perspectives and asking them about creativity in their work or in their practice. [...]

Communicate Well for Life in Business

“I don’t know how my siblings and I are all still alive!.” Cheryl Martin is well known in my community for being co-owner of the delicious and creative bakery & cafe, ‘The Good Loaf’. In February, she is transitioning to dedicate her time to her next entrepreneurial endeavor, ‘Communicate Well [...]

Bored with your ideas? Squeeze them through a basketball.

Bored with himself and with his ideas, Castlemaine artist—Andrew Goodman, gave his ideas to FlimFlam. “Artists can get caught up in being over-critical of their own work,” explains Andrew. “And as a result, they can find themselves stagnant.” “FlimFlam came about through handing my soft sculptures to documentary photographer and film [...]

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Double Up on Creativity

There are lots of other ways to get creative in life other than getting up early in the morning! My last blog post on getting creative was making time for creativity by biting the bullet and getting up early. Get creative with a creative buddy doesn’t involve the pain of [...]