Business Development

Pop Up Local on Social Media

My long time friend Kristy Kum Too has crafted up an extraordinary business HABITUE design. She handcrafts crochet rugs and baskets. As well as beautiful custom playing blocks, however she is not one to leave the crowd behind – she has brought them with her through the power of collaboration [...]

Digital Thinking Above the Line

"I need you" was the subject heading in the email Anita sent to Create Business to engage our services! Anita Dickons is the founder and director of Above the Line Thinking.  Anita is a Change Agent, working with people who are wanting  to create change or finding themselves in the [...]

Stuck in a Rut? Be Kind to Others.

  A few months ago our school newsletter had a really great article which caught my attention : the benefits of kindness.   Since depression, anxiety and stress involve a high degree of focus on the self , focusing on the needs of others literally helps shift our thinking. Having [...]

How Creativity Grows your Business

Verity Lougoon is the Communication and Creative Manager for Future Employment Opportunities. She is a long time friend who I have worked with over the years on a variety of projects including Dirty Denim I invited Verity to respond to our new segment: Creative Business Inspiration when we ask people [...]

Creative Insight with Open ABC

Jane Curtis is the Open ABC producer for Central Victoria. We met recently with Jane to talk about Bendigo Food Share and other great projects Create Business is working on. Jane graciously took up the challenge to be the first interviewee for our new segment: Creative Business Inspiration when we [...]

Cooking with What You Have Got

It is likely you have experienced that "I can't be bothered feeling", when looking for inspiration to cook the evening meal! Ingredients for your fall back dish are missing, and things don't look too fresh!  Similarly blogs and newsletters can also become a bit of a drag like mid week [...]

How to Cheat

I like to cheat - let me show you how. Canva is a free online design tool that puts together posters, social media materials and other useful visuals that make you look like a design genius! It has all the right dimensions ready for Facebook headers, and other bits and [...]


Keywords are pretty important, but how do you find the right keywords for your website? Keywords are important for two reasons: Key words are what your prospective "client" or "customer" are using to find your web site when they put "search terms" into a search engine Key words are what [...]

House of Cloth Investing into New Opportunities

Elizabeth May is the owner of House of Cloth,  her passion is her business - textiles and sewing. Elizabeth is planning for the expansion of her business and has approached Create Business is support her in this process.  Together we are  mapping out opportunities to engage new House of Cloth [...]

What Do I Need to Think About When I am Getting Ready Meet with a Web Developer?

This was the question I was asked the other day of a potential client who is thinking about working with Create Business to build a web site, and sort out their online strategy. Here was my reply: Examples of web sites that you love - doesn’t necessarily need to be [...]