You Can Bank on Coworking

I am a co-worker. Working from the Synergize Hub coworking space in Bendigo. Synergize Hub is a collective of people who contribute to the running of the space & this month I have the honour of curating a breakfast leaders round table talking Innovation and Coworking in Central Victoria. Hayden [...]

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Signarama Bendigo Talking Profit and Loss

I’m in an impressive, neat and modern print and design studio, housing million-dollar printing machines in Bendigo. Peter Reading is the managing director of the Bendigo Signarama franchise. Discovering we are both green tea lovers and both grew up on dairy farms, our conversation shifted quickly away from a formal [...]

Fundraising is Hard

Last year I received a call from Michelle Rankin of Saltworks, who asked me how do you make fundraising work?  My short answer was; "It is really hard." I secretly admire Michelle's fantastic weekly email out to Satworks supporters.  The email is simple, containing a short gorgeous story about what [...]

Pop Up Local on Social Media

My long time friend Kristy Kum Too has crafted up an extraordinary business HABITUE design. She handcrafts crochet rugs and baskets. As well as beautiful custom playing blocks, however she is not one to leave the crowd behind – she has brought them with her through the power of collaboration [...]

Story and Art Create Democracy

We live a in a diverse multicultural community with distinct stories. A truly democratic culture is inclusive. It allows a diversity of values to be heard and reaches out to those who are excluded.  This was a panel discussion topic with Beyond the Festival Show case that City of Greater  [...]

Stuck in a Rut? Be Kind to Others.

  A few months ago our school newsletter had a really great article which caught my attention : the benefits of kindness.   Since depression, anxiety and stress involve a high degree of focus on the self , focusing on the needs of others literally helps shift our thinking. Having [...]

Creative Insight with Open ABC

Jane Curtis is the Open ABC producer for Central Victoria. We met recently with Jane to talk about Bendigo Food Share and other great projects Create Business is working on. Jane graciously took up the challenge to be the first interviewee for our new segment: Creative Business Inspiration when we [...]

Shake it up

[blog layout="normal" column="2" count="3" show_content="" nopaging="1" cat="[" posts="[]"] Tamara Marwood with the Amending Window in Castlemaine August 2013[/blog]   In response to the whine “You could just use your credit.” I explain to my children that sometimes you cannot just use your credit card. As a parent I am often [...]

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