You Can Bank on Coworking

I am a co-worker. Working from the Synergize Hub coworking space in Bendigo. Synergize Hub is a collective of people who contribute to the running of the space & this month I have the honour of curating a breakfast leaders round table talking Innovation and Coworking in Central Victoria. Hayden [...]

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Transformational Leadership

“Now is the perfect time.” This was Rob Hunt’s reply when I asked; “As a leader, when do you recognise when an idea isn’t working? Do you keep pushing forward or do you drop it and move on?” Named after the former Bendigo Bank Managing Director, the Be.Bendigo initiated, ‘Rob [...]

Fundraising That Builds Community Capacity

The South Pacific has been listed as one of the poorest countries on earth. Being such a close neighbour to Australia, this should not be the case.   There is so much at risk within this region. Just one of the major issues this region is fighting, is climate change, resulting [...]

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Bendigo’s Smart City Bid Bends the Rules

Sometimes, rules and regulation get in the way of creative solutions in business. Creatively growing business often means re-thinking everything and pushing the boundaries that may be constraining your activities. Create Business is speaking with Leah Sertori, CEO of Be.Bendigo, a platform for visionary organisations to help shape the business [...]

Double Up on Creativity

There are lots of other ways to get creative in life other than getting up early in the morning! My last blog post on getting creative was making time for creativity by biting the bullet and getting up early. Get creative with a creative buddy doesn’t involve the pain of [...]

Cohorts in Wool, Earth and Creative Business

“What if it doesn’t work?” These were the scary words whispered into Jacqueline McArthur’s ears—moments before the lights were switched off along Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Jacqueline is the driving energy and inspiration behind some of Australia’s epic events, such as Earth Hour and Bendigo’s own Women of [...]

What I have learnt from my kids online

Keeping an eye on my children's activities online takes up quite a bit of time and you need to be diligent. I am teaching them to be weary of social media.That it is OK to be offline some of the time. To be considerate of others on social media and [...]

Australia Day 2016 – a short book review

The 1980s was the beginning of my relationship with Australia. Think the Expo 88 event, a national celebration of 200 years since white man invasion. I grew up in a remote farming community.  We didn't do much travel, or connect with people outside of our community. Images like this one [...]

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Write Style Communication

Content creation takes a lot of behind the scene work. At Create Business we are surrounded by fantastic like-minded micro-businesses who have amazing expertise we call on to assist us to make exceptional content for our clients. Kimberley Furness is from Write Style communication.  She is a communications specialist with more [...]

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Creativity is Networks

I love the words together "Bendigo Creative Business Network." Jenna Little is the heart & soul behind my home town Creative Business Network and also the Jlee’ brand. Jenna works full time, and in "after-hours" runs her amazing small business screen printing.  She is also a local leader supporting other [...]