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Bored with your ideas? Squeeze them through a basketball.

Bored with himself and with his ideas, Castlemaine artist—Andrew Goodman, gave his ideas to FlimFlam. “Artists can get caught up in being over-critical of their own work,” explains Andrew. “And as a result, they can find themselves stagnant.” “FlimFlam came about through handing my soft sculptures to documentary photographer and film [...]

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Double Up on Creativity

There are lots of other ways to get creative in life other than getting up early in the morning! My last blog post on getting creative was making time for creativity by biting the bullet and getting up early. Get creative with a creative buddy doesn’t involve the pain of [...]

Eight Ideas for Early Morning Creativity in Your Business

Creativity is found in the early morning hours. It is the time of day when time seems slower, quieter—and a feeling settles upon me that anything is possible. Early morning (I’m talking before 6.00am!) is the ideal time to get creative in your life or business. Get stuck into a project [...]

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Tips to Get Social with Bendigo Bank

In my home town of Bendigo, we have a number of organisations that we proudly call our own. The Bendigo Bank is a financial institution that has crafted a financial model about doing good in regional communities. [linkarea background_color="" hover_color="accent1" href="" target="_self" icon="" icon_color="accent6" icon_size="62" image=""] “On our social media, [...]

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Kilter Balances with Creativity

Kilter Rural is a business that my hairdresser first told me about. As she snipped and coloured, Kilter got stuck in my head. A corporate farm business, making decisions that are sound for the farming industry, the environment, and the local community, and it is in my local of community [...]

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The Business of Writing and Creativity

“Life is great Tam; we are making it up as we go.” I am speaking with local Bendigo writer, Lauren Mitchell, in the lead-up to the Bendigo Writers Festival; admiring her latest publication, Artist Spaces of the Victorian Goldfields. Launched this week, it is a sumptuous creative publication with a [...]

Cohorts in Wool, Earth and Creative Business

“What if it doesn’t work?” These were the scary words whispered into Jacqueline McArthur’s ears—moments before the lights were switched off along Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Jacqueline is the driving energy and inspiration behind some of Australia’s epic events, such as Earth Hour and Bendigo’s own Women of [...]

Creativity in Business with Sorted4Life

Your heart might have burst with pride and joy like mine, the night Clare Fountain of Sorted4Life was awarded the 2016 Bendigo Business Awards Professional Services Business to Business. I am so proud. I am proud of this extra-ordinary woman being recognised for doing great business, and helping others to [...]

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Socially Vibrant

Vibrant, creative content is the key for fantastic online presence. It can be really powerful in creating a movement, a change or a festival! Related Story : Pop Up Local on Social Media I admire the momentum Vibrant Central Bendigo are creating for the streets, businesses and artists of Bendigo. [...]

Creativity Draws on Business

“I don’t think there is a business in our community that hasn’t had an experience of working or connecting with an artist.” This is a statement that any festival artistic director would be proud to share. I am in conversation with Martin Paten; Director of the Castlemaine State Festival. He [...]