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Serious Business Milestones

Issy and I burst out laughing after I asked how her business started. She said “My husband told me; ‘It is so good working for yourself. You should try it and you never have to go back to work!”     Seriously – Issy Kerr is in love with her [...]

Make a Change

Karen Corr, the director of Make A Change Australia describes working with Create Business as adding value. As a small business with big impact and geographical reach she is crafting a team of people around her to compliment her skills. Enabling her to work on her business, rather than in [...]

Cooking with What You Have Got

It is likely you have experienced that "I can't be bothered feeling", when looking for inspiration to cook the evening meal! Ingredients for your fall back dish are missing, and things don't look too fresh!  Similarly blogs and newsletters can also become a bit of a drag like mid week [...]

How to Cheat

I like to cheat - let me show you how. Canva is a free online design tool that puts together posters, social media materials and other useful visuals that make you look like a design genius! It has all the right dimensions ready for Facebook headers, and other bits and [...]


Keywords are pretty important, but how do you find the right keywords for your website? Keywords are important for two reasons: Key words are what your prospective "client" or "customer" are using to find your web site when they put "search terms" into a search engine Key words are what [...]

Writing Web Copy to Be Found – a Free Template

The Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by our friend Google writes : "Offer quality content and services.  Interesting sites will increase their recognition on their own... Users (people visiting your web site!) know good content when they see it and will likely want to direct others to use it." Create [...]

InteractUs Extend Digital Connections

InteractUs are a unique and innovative audiovisual business in Bendigo. InteractUs specialise in visual and audio electronics for commercial and domestic solutions. Their knowledge in electronic solutions is mind blowing, in an industry that is assumed to be imported, not exported. Travis and Justin pictured here with their BOSE display [...]

Stories Create Social Media Attention

Social media, especially blogs and online video, allow you to share your stories with the world! Creating opportunities for new connections and relationships. It is all free & wonderful - but the catch is it takes time & how do you come up with content? Here are some prompts to [...]

Create Business Supporting Women in Business

My first job involved a lot of poo and a large hose! I was wearing gum boots and working on a family dairy farm. I had a lot of space to dream and in this environment my work ethic to creatively find a way to get a great result became [...]