Community Giving On-Line for Free

Community Giving On-Line for Free

Bendigo Family Nature Club is a monthly event run by amazing volunteers in my home town of Bendigo.

My role in this fantastic volunteer group is getting the word out there that the event is happening.  I have turned this into a monthly drawing challenge, because as you know I spend a ridiculous time behind a computer and not enough with paint brush and pencil.

I find if I make time to activate my left brain I am much more productive with my right side of the brain and it is fun!

Oh course there is a online side to all this promotional activity.  The tools that we use (and that you can use) are free and easy to use.

They include:

canva for layout of the poster

mailchimp for management of our mailing list & also putting together a invitation

blogspot a free website and documentation of our activities

eventbright for event registrations

facebook for facebook!

gmail for communication and sometimes sharing of documents like a map to an event.

For me Bendigo Family Nature Club opens up possibility for conversations, for sharing of knowledge between elder and child, place and person. As a parent I rejoice in opportunities for these connections to take place. Raising children we have high expectations for education, participation and sport and they are surrounded by screens and other activities that are passive. Nature, landscape and free play are often neglected and not “ordinary” “everyday ” activity.

Bendigo Family Nature Club is about experiencing place with others, gaining an inner knowledge that you are connected and apart of this place. This inner knowledge I believe is a source of strength and peace a child can carry with them into adulthood.
A Date with Moths a drawing by Tamara Marwood of Create Business

Contact me if you would like to know more about how Bendigo Family Nature Club make use of these fantastic online tools or if you would like to be on the mailing list!