Cooking with What You Have Got

Cooking with What You Have Got

It is likely you have experienced that “I can’t be bothered feeling”, when looking for inspiration to cook the evening meal!

Ingredients for your fall back dish are missing, and things don’t look too fresh!  Similarly blogs and newsletters can also become a bit of a drag like mid week cooking and get pushed to the bottom of the to do list.

Road blocks come up like:

What the heck do I write about.
How often do I have to write?
I can’t remember how to use the  back end of this web site!
What if my blog post isn’t perfect – what if it get it wrong?

I tell my clients you can’t get it wrong as you will be writing about your passion  – your business or your project or organisation!  Waiting for motivation or the perfect moment just wont work – as motivation or perfection will never come!

You gotta think like a chief and use what ingredients you have on hand. (What is great about blogging to you can always go back and make corrections!)

This blog post from business2business writes the following advice about newsletters – they write “make a commitment to deliver to your clients a newsletter just like you deliver a product or service. On time every time, with quality and consistency.”

So what is the magic formula for being consistent, the best and building great relationships with your clients?

1.Plan regular segments for writing about & make it fun
For example  a Create Business client who consults on community change posts an image regularly of a “change maker” with their one line sentence in response to the question “Tell me how you make change happen.”

2.When a client or customer asks you a question about your business, product or project jot it down and turn it into your next facebook post or blog post

3.Plan ahead with a content calender and make a regular time to prepare and deliver

4.Get Create Business to work with you to plan and deliver your blog and your newsletter content

I enjoyed this podcast from 99U – a discussion about overcoming the mindset of requiring motivation and just going for it!