The Create Business Manifesto

The Create Business Manifesto

Mid 2014 you would have encountered me with my hair up on end! Kinda like I was a cartoon character who had gone down a slide too fast or a crazy roller coaster ride!

Create Business started in March 2014 when an opportunity, a gut squeezing uncomfortable opportunity came along to start my own business.  My “regular paying” job was great, but deep down I didn’t really “belong” to this job and I knew I was capable of giving so much more.

Auditing my skills on a bumpy small air plane ride to Mount Gambier two years ago for a commissioned installation project, I realised I had enough of something to create business.  That something was skills, experience and know how to give to other businesses to create business.

So what is the Create Business manifesto?  Well right now for the start of 2015 let me give it to you:

1. Stories Matter

Creativity in business makes space for stories to be shared between people, for real connection and we all crave to belong.

2. Listening Conversations

Conversations that really hear, listen and connect.
Hearing stories that motivates you and your team is what makes connection and sparks burst into flames. It is where opportunity is discovered, it is also where growth sprouts from.

3. Consistency Builds Relationships

Making that decision to share your story means telling that story.  With words, images, film and also the intangible. What I mean here is your actions, your attitude day in and day out to yourself and others.

4. Get a Firm Hold on Where You are Going

Making the decision to build relationships around your story means making some decisions to know how you are sharing/communicating works.  Again listening, also consistency and measuring.

5. Share

Be generous. Your story is filled with your knowledge, skills and networks.  Share this around freely building good for you and others.

6. Play

Get naked with your mistakes, it is called playing.  Creativity is adapting to situations, opportunities and outcomes.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  Both count.

Download the createbusinessmanifesto  or visit the Create Business pinterest board for other inspirational creative business manifestos.