Creativity is Networks

Creativity is Networks

I love the words together “Bendigo Creative Business Network.”

Jenna Little is the heart & soul behind my home town Creative Business Network and also the Jlee’ brand. Jenna works full time, and in “after-hours” runs her amazing small business screen printing.  She is also a local leader supporting other creative business.

I think she has great vision for creative business that can be used in any geographic location or industry. “Creativity in business is all about creating new and exciting ways to meet potential clients through different networks”.

She gives you 3 simple ways to network:
– Social media
– Attending local handmade markets, or if you are in another industry, go to events that bring you in close contact with your audience or clients
– Join the Bendigo Creative Business Network or your local industry networking group

Check out Jenna’s social media for her business Jlee on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

I am going to take some editorial authority here and suggesting a forth way to network:

– Be inspired by Jenna’s initiative and start your own peer network that builds your business and others!