Doing is My Creativity

Doing is My Creativity

“If someone comes to me and wants me to frame their art work, it means they want to display it and make sure it lasts into the future.”

Cecilia Fogelberg established Kyneton’s latest framers, FOGELBERG’S CONSERVATION FRAMERS,  in October 2014. Since moving here from Melbourne, with her young daughter, she has found the balance to run a small business, be a parent, and stay connected to her passion.

“I feel when I am framing I get to be in the art, I get to improve it. Framing is the nice part of the art scene.”

I have admired Cecilia’s art making for a long time. Her creations are drawn, painted and sewn, playfully pushing how we see ourselves in the sticky mess of social culture. In her creations you will find familiar icons like Mickey Mouse, Bon Scott and Elvis. Animals merge with the human to form her images. When I view her work it offers me new, joyful narratives of the journey of life and how we assemble stories about ourselves.

“Framing Master” Randel of Eckersley’s, gave her some sound advice through her training, that she has continued to use in the development of her business.

“It’s not how you stuff it up. It’s how you fix it.”

This practical background combined with the formal study of Art Conservation at Melbourne University has laid the strong foundation for Cecilia’s business. I asked Cecilia, “How does creativity grow and sustain your business for years to come?”

“When I lived in the city with a small child there was little space – my own business feels like my own creativity as compared to working for someone. I have an attitude of I-can-do”, she shared with me.

I have no doubts of ‘her can do attitude’ as I stand next to in her established framing studio. Here she is surrounded by her work, situated next to her home she recently renovated and her flourishing edible garden.

“For me creativity looks like this – I get up, I do, I eat, I sleep. Creativity is so many things. It is not just because I have been an artist, creativity has so many sides to it. I don’t know what I find inspiration in, but I think it is the doing and finding answers. I create.”

Her business plan, like the advice from her framing master is simple and useful in all situations. “To grow out of the energy of doing.” Cecilia goes onto explain she doesn’t have an advertising strategy or budget to deliver one. “My business will grow because my work is beautiful.”