Making Copy Easy

Making Copy Easy

Meet Graeme and Trudie, the team behind Gecko Lifestyle Solutions.

Gecko build beautiful homes, they have been in the business for over 30 years and they blow me away with their product and the way they deliver their business.

You will be able to visit their new web site soon by local design company Design Experts. Create Business has been assisting Gecko to get their text based content for their web really strong.
Sometimes writing about your own business isn’t easy, but for Create Business it is a joy!

Create Business spent an hour or two with the Gecko team in the sunshine nutting out their story. We also settled on who is likely to be visiting them online – making a decision about who your online clients are really helps to sort out what to write about.

I really like this blog post by a Melbourne based design company called Mono DesignThey give you 10 easy tips to improve your copy writing right now.

When you need that extra help to get your web site just right contact us at Create Business. Make it Easy with us!