Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

“Setting up a Facebook group has been a bonus for my business.”

Emma Carmody is the amazing businesswoman behind Tumble Tots, a fun and educational ‘Movement Program’ for crawlers up to 5 year olds. Her business recently expanded this year from Bendigo into Echuca.

Create Business is all about getting creative content to the people who matter and Facebook is just one effective way of regular communication. I was interested in learning from Emma how Facebook groups make her business even better!

“Tumble Tots has lots of clients, we are really a big community,” Emma explains. “I would send out an important message onto the Tumble Tots Facebook page and it wasn’t reaching the right people.”

“Setting up a Facebook group page was easy and free. All I had to do was invite my Tumble Tot community to join the closed Facebook group. Now important messages are read by the Tumble Tot community, and members can share stories or questions on this page.”

So what is the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group? Read more.

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