Filming with Facebook Live

Filming with Facebook Live

Create Business has been running regular Facebook Live sessions with Synergize Hub on all things co-working and enterprise. Kimberley from Write Style Communications, and I have got some handy tips to share on filming your own Facebook Live broadcasts.

Setting up

  • Film using your phone camera and set up your laptop so you can watch as you go.
  • Filming in portrait takes up more real estate in the newsfeed, but filming in landscape mode is more visually appealing and perfect for fitting two or more speakers. Just ensure you make the decision before selecting “Go Live”.
  • I purchased a great little lapel mic – useful for big and open spaces. But not necessary for a small or closed room.
  • Make sure you “tag” relevant people and places before you hit go.
  • Before you begin filming, make sure you’re using a data connection on your phone, rather than Wi-Fi, as data is much more reliable.
  • I used a closed Facebook group to test my Facebook Live settings and sound, and to work out the frame of the shot. You could also use your own Facebook profile, adjust the privacy settings to show to ‘me only’.

Preparing your session

I prepared for the Synergize Hub co-worker interview by brainstorming with a friend about general questions and topics that we thought other people with micro-businesses might like to hear about.

We also developed a concept for our Facebook Live program. Very basic really – an intro of three key questions that relate to the business person we are speaking to, then three general questions geared towards our audience’s interests.


When you finish your Facebook Live recording, make sure you stay in front of the camera and smile! Facebook takes lots of quick images that will become the thumbnails associated with your video.

Make sure you download your finished video to share on other social media outlets like Instagram.

What the experts say

Did you know 1 in 5 videos on Facebook are now a Live broadcast? (Facebook’s data, April 2017). Social media marketing experts, Socialbakers, suggest to succeed with Facebook Live broadcasts, you need to:

  • Keep it short
  • Place your call-to-action at the start
  • And, include subtitles (85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound)

Happy sharing on Facebook Live – and we’d love to hear your tips and successes. Be sure to follow Synergize Hub on Facebook to find me popping up Live (next session is on Thursday 17 August), love to see you there.

Visit Kimberley at Write Style Communications for upcoming social media workshops around regional Victoria including Bendigo, Castlemaine, Echuca, Swan Hill and Mildura.

Tamara Marwood is the Creative Director of Create Business, delivering strategy and content for businesses to engage their audience and create attention. You can stay in touch with Create Business on Facebook and Instagram.

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