Get Liked with a Facebook Ambassador

Get Liked with a Facebook Ambassador

I first meet Nick Fitz at his work place, O’Farrell Robertson McMahon Lawyers. I was working on a project about social inclusion in Bendigo, and from then on we were firm Facebook friends!


When I heard (on Facebook) Nick was the ambassador for International Day of People with Disability Bendigo, I was really excited.

A “guest” or ambassador on your social media is a great way to liven up content and reach new audience. A great strategy to create active and interesting engagement.


Be the ambassador for what you stand for

I began by asking Nick;

TM: What does it mean to be the Facebook ambassador for Bendigo’s International Day of People with a Disability?

NF: This means I have access to the International Day of People with a Disability Facebook page.

I think they approached me to be the ambassador because I have 2400 friends on Facebook—we really want as many people as possible to hear about the day.

I’m planning to put up profiles of ambassadors, and video footage with Q&A about the NDIS and different agencies.

I would really like to hear from people who have great news stories about places in Bendigo that are inclusive.

TM: The image below is how the International Day of People with a Disability Bendigo introduced Nick to their followers – really neat.

Introduce your social media ambassador to your followers in a friendly way

TM: Can you give me an example of an inclusive place or story in Bendigo?

NF: The Bendigo Library is a great example—it is because everyone can come in and relax. Everyone feels welcome, and if you are in a wheelchair it is easy to get inside and there is a charger.

TM: Why is it important for people to hear about the International Day of People with a Disability?

NF: To make people more aware of what is going on, and bring awareness to the types of disability that people have.

This is important to me because when most people think of a disability, they don’t think of every type of disability.

TM: Why is the focus on Facebook?

NF: Facebook is a great medium because so many people are on Facebook. We really want to engage people who have influence on Facebook, and get some great shares.

TM: What sort of impact are you hoping to create on Facebook?

NF: I am attempting to lead change for people with a disability, in lots of different ways.

I am working on a project called “Opening Doors.” It is about planning and installing more wheelchair charger points in Bendigo—especially at bus stops.

I recently met with Jacinta Allan to let her know about this need. People in a wheelchair need access to power 24 hours a day, so they can stay out and about longer. Having choice is essential.

I am challenging our community to look at what we have and become more inclusive.

TM: So what is happening on the day?
Friday the 2nd of December —with performances by Beam, cricket and loads of performances, people and good stuff.

Visit and like the International Day of People with Disability Bendigo Facebook page and get involved.

So what are some key take aways for engaging a Social Media Ambassador for your business or event?

  • Invite an ambassador who has a great following, who is active on social media and has an audience who is likely to be interested in what you have to offer
  • Support them to share your social media content with their followers by providing images, text and video
  • Give them lots of lead time so they can be prepared and build a relationship with your followers
  • Introduce them to your community/followers in a friendly and fun way