House of Cloth Investing into New Opportunities

House of Cloth Investing into New Opportunities

Elizabeth May is the owner of House of Cloth,  her passion is her business – textiles and sewing.

Elizabeth is planning for the expansion of her business and has approached Create Business is support her in this process.  Together we are  mapping out opportunities to engage new House of Cloth customers offline and online.

The sewing and crafting industry is a strong online community, leading the way in blogging sharing inspiration, resources and tutorials.

In Central Victoria, DIY and crafting as a social activity is making a resurgence.  Evidence by Bendigo’s booming craft markets and hand made stores such as The SquareView Point Gallery, Trove Makers Market and Bobs Boutique.

In small business often the challenge is to making time to reflect, plan and map out a course of action.  Create Business is making that time for House of Cloth during the months of June and July.