Gosh! I am in Love with Drawing

Gosh! I am in Love with Drawing

“Gosh” is my thing at the moment.  You will hear me gushing gosh all the time! But it is drawings that I am ALWAYS in love with.

Sharing with you some treasures I found when getting a design brief together for a client.  I always get blown away by the power of line drawn by hand.


This pencil treasure is by Anne Laval

I love drawing this is by Anne Laval

This gem is by an artist called Jam – they have a ton of beauties you can gaze at.

By an artist called Jam - I love drawing


I am not sure who the illustrator for this drawing is – but simple ideas go far!

Not sure of the illustrator - but from the cover of Vogue


If you are in love too keep in touch with my ever growing drawing collection follow me on pinterest. This is a sweet blog post I came across last week “Ten Things That Drawing Can Tell Us About Giftedness.” (Not sure giftedness is a word – but really enjoyed this post!)

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