Keywords are pretty important, but how do you find the right keywords for your website?

Keywords are important for two reasons:

  • Key words are what your prospective “client” or “customer” are using to find your web site when they put “search terms” into a search engine
  • Key words are what search engines trawl through your site looking to bring up in a search

So how can you go about finding key words for your business or project?

  • Write down a list of words you think will work
  • Google adwords keyword planner
  • Ask your clients or customers – “What words to you use to search for us online?”
  • Type in your search term into google & see what comes up in similar business’s metadata
  • Google Trends

Like everything your keywords will evolve and change – keep an eye on how people get to your web site using  Google Analytics.

Need a hand getting started?  Leave a comment in the box below and Create Business would love to discover key words with you!