Mentor Walks gets women in business walking and talking

Mentor Walks gets women in business walking and talking

Side projects fuel passion and creativity. Sometimes they become the catalyst for creating something bigger than ourselves.

Adina Jacobs is a businesswoman who “…was looking for something to support people on their journey.”

Something to share her business knowledge and be purpose-driven.

As Mentor Walks Co-founder and Co-founder of STM Goods, Adina’s business spans the globe, with teams in Sydney, San Diego and London. She isn’t shy about creating business with impact!

“I am a great connector. When I listen to people, my brain fires off ideas about how to connect them to other people in ways that can create a solution. Mentor Walks is an extension of what comes easily to me and what I love!”

Mentor Walks is her side project with Bobbi Mahlab, Managing Director of Mahlab, a content marketing agency.

“Bobbi and I meet a year ago in China at a leadership program with Ernst and Young,” shares Adina. One of the speakers was an inspirational woman—Michelle Garnaut of the M Restaurant Group—who set up Mentor Walks in Beijing four years ago.

“We signed up to take a Mentor Walk the next day in Shanghai, loved the concept and experience and decided to start up Mentor Walks in Australia together.”

With Michelle’s support, we set up the goal to have Mentor Walks operating in three locations in Australia, in 2017,” says Adina. “And we made it happen in six months.”

Within twelve months they had three locations operation – Sydney launched in October 2016, Brisbane in February 2017 and Melbourne in October 2017.

Mentor Walks brings exceptional women together to walk and talk. Each month, senior women or executive leaders walk with mentees for an hour of support, knowledge exchange and problem-solving.

“We knew the real value of bringing women together and getting them out of their comfort zone. To ask questions that other women in their own city can address. Mentor Walks is such a simple idea that works!”

Since launching in October 2016, over 400 women have walked and talked with Mentor Walks in the beautiful parks of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“We had to be really specific about what we wanted to achieve for Mentor Walks. We both run businesses, and in a start-up phase you don’t want to do too much, otherwise, the project will crash and burn.”

Local champions played an important role in growing the idea in each location. “We relied on our local champions to engage their community.”

“You have to be creative to be constantly changing and adapting to a situation or an opportunity.”

She explains further. “It’s not about being artistic, but a mindset you adopt, how you look at the world and the connections you can foster between people. It all contributes to the greater good.”

Walking and talking with a mentor and two other mentees and discussing a burning question in your business or work—might just be the catalyst to connect you to the right person, solve a problem and learn from someone who has been their before. “Walking really gets the ideas flowing.”

Adina’s 3 top tips for you to get your side project off the ground

  1. Set up clear and definable goals such as; “…we will have mentor walks operating in 3 locations in 2017.”
  2. Make sure you can clearly articulate what you’re doing. It helps you focus, set goals and can also help with decisions making. If you have a clear and defined ‘pitch’, it’s your guiding light.
  3. Cash flow cash flow cash flow- make sure you know what’s coming in, what’s going out and what expenses are coming up. Don’t mistake good sales for good cash flow.

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Tamara Marwood is the Creative Director of Create Business, delivering strategy and content for businesses to engage their audience and create attention. You can stay in touch with Create Business on Facebook and Instagram.

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