Tamara Marwood has held the challenging and also fantastic role of PepperGreen Farm Community Festival Director in 2006, 2010 and 2012! ABOUT 3000 people attended the PepperGreen Farm Community Festival in 2012.


Each festival celebrated a different theme, connecting the broader community to the farm and also to the fantastic services Bendigo Access Employment deliver.

In 2012, she curated the festival to promote healthy living for a healthy future, and featured more than 50 stalls and a variety of food and entertainment. Mums and bubs sat on haystacks watching children boot scootin’ on the main stage, families explored the urban veggie garden and crafts people showed off their wares.

Tamara also establish Bendigo Access’s first social media interaction, through facebook.  Demonstrating the power of social media to connect the organisation and its clients beyond its “business-as-usual” networks.

PepperGreen Farm Community Festival

PepperGreen Farm Community Festival

February 8, 2014


Bendigo Access Employment



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