Stuck in a Rut? Be Kind to Others.

Stuck in a Rut? Be Kind to Others.


A few months ago our school newsletter had a really great article which caught my attention : the benefits of kindness.


Since depression, anxiety and stress involve a high degree of focus on the self ,

focusing on the needs of others literally helps shift our thinking.

Having a positive effect on someone else can increase our self esteem and give our life a greater sense of purpose.


Goodwill and acts of kindness create all sorts of value for the recipient and also the giver.  Consider what kindness or giving without receiving might mean for your business.  Your goodwill bank is a major part of your personal brand,and when done on a larger scale, can also benefit the brand of an organisation. I liked this article from earlier this year challenging organisations to build their bank of goodwill.

Createbusiness has been doing some dreaming and also research and connected in with a crafty design company Treehouse Creative who have established an amazing service called the Bank of Goodwill.  Located on the Central Coast of NSW the Bank of Goodwill has been made possible by the creative investment of local Bendigo Community Banks and the team at Treehouse Creative who specialise in telling story, using an iphone – or what they call Pocket Filmmaking.  Not for profits can apply for cash support or inkind support to document their story of goodwill they are providing to the community.  – Just simply a beautiful concept.

Treehouse give their time to Not for Profits to tell their story and other initiatives such as “A Day of Goodwill” because it supports their core business of telling story and creates opportunities to collaborate.

‘Day of goodwill’, this month will see the Treehouse team donate a day of video production to assist crowd funding for a family whose kids have a rare disease called Sanfilippo syndrome, and need funding to complete clinical trials for a cure.

Ginny of Treehouse tells me “We’ve been inundated with people reaching out for help, and hope we can inspire even more local businesses to offer services in kind also”.

I just love the concept around “A Day of Goodwill”  – it is when an organisation put aside their “usual” business and use their skills, team, resources and know how to help out a local cause or need one day a month.  Not only does those in need benefit an organisation benefits by building their team, creating new connections and relationships in the community & new positives stories about their business are being shared.