"You would think running a creative agency, that creativity is the core. Creativity is pointless without motivation to do something about it." Brent Nolan is the Director of Blunt Agency. Blunt Agency is a multifaceted brand, design and creative agency.  Blunt aims to strategically position their client's brands to break [...]

Story and Art Create Democracy

We live a in a diverse multicultural community with distinct stories. A truly democratic culture is inclusive. It allows a diversity of values to be heard and reaches out to those who are excluded.  This was a panel discussion topic with Beyond the Festival Show case that City of Greater  [...]

Commit daily to creativity

 I have a commitment to write and draw most days. Writing each day, for me, is as little as five sentences of what I am grateful for that day.  If energy is good I will write until 3 pages are full - sometimes with rather large font coming out of [...]

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