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Fundraising is Hard

Last year I received a call from Michelle Rankin of Saltworks, who asked me how do you make fundraising work?  My short answer was; "It is really hard." I secretly admire Michelle's fantastic weekly email out to Satworks supporters.  The email is simple, containing a short gorgeous story about what [...]

Cooking with What You Have Got

It is likely you have experienced that "I can't be bothered feeling", when looking for inspiration to cook the evening meal! Ingredients for your fall back dish are missing, and things don't look too fresh!  Similarly blogs and newsletters can also become a bit of a drag like mid week [...]


Keywords are pretty important, but how do you find the right keywords for your website? Keywords are important for two reasons: Key words are what your prospective "client" or "customer" are using to find your web site when they put "search terms" into a search engine Key words are what [...]

Reading and Sharing Concept

Ok, so perhaps reading is the wrong verb. The Advertising Concept, what I have been looking at this week. It was so refreshing to open a book about marketing and to be full of pencil drawings about concepts for brands and business. Refreshing after the noisy visual world of social [...]