Creativity Thrives With Compassion

The framework of your practice determines the impact of your creativity. I am fortunate to have met and interviewed one of my community’s amazing female leaders. I love speaking to different people from all different industries and perspectives and asking them about creativity in their work or in their practice. [...]

Double Up on Creativity

There are lots of other ways to get creative in life other than getting up early in the morning! My last blog post on getting creative was making time for creativity by biting the bullet and getting up early. Get creative with a creative buddy doesn’t involve the pain of [...]

Kilter Balances with Creativity

Kilter Rural is a business that my hairdresser first told me about. As she snipped and coloured, Kilter got stuck in my head. A corporate farm business, making decisions that are sound for the farming industry, the environment, and the local community, and it is in my local of community [...]

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