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Pop Up Local on Social Media

My long time friend Kristy Kum Too has crafted up an extraordinary business HABITUE design. She handcrafts crochet rugs and baskets. As well as beautiful custom playing blocks, however she is not one to leave the crowd behind – she has brought them with her through the power of collaboration [...]

Creativity IS the Point of Difference in Business

"Creativity, in business IS the point of difference". Love it! Thanks Tegan for your insight into how Creativity Grows Business. Tegan Lang is the Cultural Development Officer for the Mount Alexander Shire Council.  Get to know #interceptmtalex - her latest pride and joy temporary public art project coming to Mount Alexander [...]

How Creativity Grows your Business

Verity Lougoon is the Communication and Creative Manager for Future Employment Opportunities. She is a long time friend who I have worked with over the years on a variety of projects including Dirty Denim I invited Verity to respond to our new segment: Creative Business Inspiration when we ask people [...]

Cooking with What You Have Got

It is likely you have experienced that "I can't be bothered feeling", when looking for inspiration to cook the evening meal! Ingredients for your fall back dish are missing, and things don't look too fresh!  Similarly blogs and newsletters can also become a bit of a drag like mid week [...]


Keywords are pretty important, but how do you find the right keywords for your website? Keywords are important for two reasons: Key words are what your prospective "client" or "customer" are using to find your web site when they put "search terms" into a search engine Key words are what [...]

House of Cloth Investing into New Opportunities

Elizabeth May is the owner of House of Cloth,  her passion is her business - textiles and sewing. Elizabeth is planning for the expansion of her business and has approached Create Business is support her in this process.  Together we are  mapping out opportunities to engage new House of Cloth [...]

Writing Web Copy to Be Found – a Free Template

The Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by our friend Google writes : "Offer quality content and services.  Interesting sites will increase their recognition on their own... Users (people visiting your web site!) know good content when they see it and will likely want to direct others to use it." Create [...]

Kangatraining Online with Create Business

Well done to Trudy Holden of the Bendigo YMCA who is the 2014 WordSmith Women in Business Scholarship winner! I am a big fan of this wonderful woman as she cared for my children through the YMCA children services! I just loved knowing she was in-charge, this knowledge put me [...]

InteractUs Extend Digital Connections

InteractUs are a unique and innovative audiovisual business in Bendigo. InteractUs specialise in visual and audio electronics for commercial and domestic solutions. Their knowledge in electronic solutions is mind blowing, in an industry that is assumed to be imported, not exported. Travis and Justin pictured here with their BOSE display [...]