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Double Up on Creativity

There are lots of other ways to get creative in life other than getting up early in the morning! My last blog post on getting creative was making time for creativity by biting the bullet and getting up early. Get creative with a creative buddy doesn’t involve the pain of [...]

What I have learnt from my kids online

Keeping an eye on my children's activities online takes up quite a bit of time and you need to be diligent. I am teaching them to be weary of social media.That it is OK to be offline some of the time. To be considerate of others on social media and [...]

Australia Day 2016 – a short book review

The 1980s was the beginning of my relationship with Australia. Think the Expo 88 event, a national celebration of 200 years since white man invasion. I grew up in a remote farming community.  We didn't do much travel, or connect with people outside of our community. Images like this one [...]

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How to Create a Successful Newsletter

Most businesses have the best intentions to communicate regularly to their clients. But getting an email newsletter out regularly is often the first thing that falls off the priority list. The newsletter for the Murray PHN comes out weekly. I admire the consistent and strong informative presence this organization delivers. [...]

The Sensitive Shutter

Content creation is about sharing story. On websites, social media, print and television. Great content means you are building meaningful relationships with your fans and clients as well as search engines. Stories can also create social and personal change. Let me explain more - I would like to introduce you [...]

Creative Edge

I regularly catch up with Neil. He is the director of La Trobe Art Institute, La Trobe University, Bendigo. Since his appointment to this role he has created some amazing links for art in Central Victoria, he is one of those people who really get play and business. "Creativity provides [...]

Creativity is Ideas

Last week via facebook I meet David Chisholm.  I was a little nervous when I rang his number to make a time, but any worry I had about contacting a festival director was soon washed away by his bubbly enthusiasm to make our meeting happen.  It made me think no [...]

Creativity is Unbound Enthusiasm

"The business of living is good business". Today I am at one of my favorite Bendigo cafes, Cafe El Beso, with a local woman who I greatly admire, for her career and also her vision. Rosemary Sorensen is the Director of the Bendigo Writers Festival. I asked Rosemary the question; [...]