The Sensitive Shutter

The Sensitive Shutter

Content creation is about sharing story. On websites, social media, print and television. Great content means you are building meaningful relationships with your fans and clients as well as search engines. Stories can also create social and personal change.

Let me explain more – I would like to introduce you to Shane Carey who is the The Sensitive Shutter.

Shane and I recently worked together to produce a series of blog stories to promote social inclusion and the Morley Johnson Building within the regional community of Bendigo. Shane deeply respects the powerful role story plays in our lives. Story explains who we are and how we belong. It lifts us up and holds us down.

“Media can be used for good or evil. It is a powerful tool. As a creator of content you must respect you subject. Approach your work with loving intention as humanly as possible. This ensures you produce images and text that is respectful,” he advises.

Shane has fantastic skills in photojournalism, complimented by his qualifications and experience in narrative therapy. Narrative therapy training has enabled Shane to use story telling to empower people to heal, connect and explore possibilities.

“I enjoy acknowledging individuality and expression via photography and narrative conversations. In my history of youth work, counselling, nature based programs, and narrative therapy, the camera has never been far out of reach.”

Shane asked the question what does possibility mean to you at the Morley Johnson Building of various community members in Bendigo. The Morley Johnson Building is the Bendigo’s latest and most ambitious social enterprise yet, located in the heart of CBD. Within the four floors of the rennovated building people with disability will be employed and undertaking meaningful training.

Publishing stories online about local’s thoughts of what social inclusion might look like in the heart of town invited conversation of how a town of people of all abilities can live and prosper together.

The local Mayor Peter Cox – Promoting Possibility and Empowering Contribution

Business man David Bakes – Hub of the Matter

CEO of the City of Greater Bendigo – Bendigo a Diverse City

Employee Emma – Kindness at the Morley Johnson Building

Employee Chevvy – Social Fabric

Employee Alena – Design and Desire in the CBD