Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership

“Now is the perfect time.”

This was Rob Hunt’s reply when I asked; “As a leader, when do you recognise when an idea isn’t working? Do you keep pushing forward or do you drop it and move on?”

Named after the former Bendigo Bank Managing Director, the Be.Bendigo initiated, ‘Rob Hunt Transformational Leadership Development Program’, offers senior business professionals the chance to learn from industry experts and develop their leadership skills.

Over the next six months, I will be sharing with you program insights from the leadership participants. I am really looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty of how they plan to apply their new knowledge into their own businesses, and their hopes for the outcome of the transformational leadership program for their own personal development.


I am the Creative Director of the engagement and communication consultancy, Create Business. I am also participating in the leadership program, as a leader undertaking transformation and as a content creator to tell the stories of our local leaders and their journey of leadership transformation.



Over the four years of my consultancy’s operation, I have worked with clients from the not-for-profit sector, social enterprises and also commercial. I offer organisations and businesses strategies to engage their audience using storytelling and experiences. Engagement is all about relationship building and I work with my clients to build their capacity to do this in day-to-day business, social media, public relations or events.

My passion is creativity in business and my background is in economics, project management, visual arts, social enterprise and community cultural development. I really believe how you do business matters. I am a regular blogger, exploring how creativity grows business, and I host a fortnightly Facebook Live discussion on co-working for Synergize Hub.

Rob Hunt is the patron of the Leadership Program, and is a well-known humble and successful leader who has achieved transformation. The first morning of the program we meet with Rob for over an hour. He shared his insights into his value-based approach to leadership, and time was provided for the leadership participants to ask questions.

His approach to leadership deeply resonates with me. “People deeply need to belong and contribute,” Rob shares. “And people want to be valued for their contribution.” He believes that leadership is a privilege and as a leader, you have the ability to empower others to lead.

Rob’s answer to my question, ‘how do you know when to push through as a leader when things get hard?’ continues to delight me; “There never is any ‘right time’. You can pilot ideas, contain risk and appear to keep business as usual. As a leader, you have the position and the power to do what is right and to make a difference.”



He shares; “learning more about yourself and what is important to you is the first important step to bring people on the journey with you.” Rob’s time with us established a strong foundation for the next session where we explored our values. I wanted to share with you some other inspirational insights Rob provided.




“You are always learning to be a leader, the more caught up you are in your ego the less you will be able to lead. Why you lead, and what you value, affects how you lead and interact with other people.”



“Leadership is important because as a society we are obsessed with doing. Leadership is about intention. Even the worst plan will work if you have great intention. To get intention you need to slow down because leadership isn’t linear.”

I look forward to sharing more key takeaways from the Rob Hunt Transformational Leadership Development Program so you can get an insight into what local leaders are experiencing and an understanding of the theory behind the program.

Did you know that this is the second leadership program-taking place in Bendigo with over 50 people participating or who have graduated? This is an exciting number and fills me with hope for the future of our region – we have an abundance of transformational leaders.

Tamara Marwood is the Creative Director of Create Business, delivering strategy and content for businesses to engage their audience and create attention. You can stay in touch with Create Business on Facebook and Instagram.