What I have learnt from my kids online

What I have learnt from my kids online

Keeping an eye on my children’s activities online takes up quite a bit of time and you need to be diligent.

I am teaching them to be weary of social media.That it is OK to be offline some of the time. To be considerate of others on social media and careful what you put up online about yourself. It has been tricky explaining the search results to my 8 year old daughter when she put the words “cute girls” into a search engine.

The upside of keeping an eye on the kids is that I learn about all sorts of interesting things that I would never encounter staying within my age group online.

This summer online I have learnt how to use snap chat (I have 5 friends now) you can connect with me search for tjoyy. I kinda like snapchat its relaxed and very unpolished.

I have also wasted a good amount of time on SPUN – a completely silly video mashup app.  From what I can see used by males in America between the age of 15 and 24!

Silly Video from Spun from Create Business on Vimeo.

Ok some more confessions I have also been watching Justin Bieber film clips – I really like the way phone and do it yourself film making is featured on these. Like Beauty and the Beat

and that song that is probably driving you insane “Sorry” – using the incredible work of Zac King

Unfortunately there is so much crap out there online to keep yourself and your children safe from. One interesting observation from these finds is that most of this content is American. This year it would be great to be exposed to other cultural activities being created online. Got any good stuff for me? Love to hear from you.