Write Style Communication

Write Style Communication

Content creation takes a lot of behind the scene work. At Create Business we are surrounded by fantastic like-minded micro-businesses who have amazing expertise we call on to assist us to make exceptional content for our clients.

Kimberley Furness is from Write Style communication.  She is a communications specialist with more than 15 years experience writing, editing, designing and publishing a wide range of high-quality communication materials. She started her career as a reporter and sub editor before working in corporate communications in the health and education sectors as well as small business.

Due to a large volume of work Create Business needed to work with someone external to transform photos, interviews, video, quotes, print articles and blog posts into social media and newsletters.  We have found it really easy to work with Write Style Communication, Kimberley gets the work done and without any complication and fuss.

I asked Kimberly what is is Write Style Communications?
The web is a big playground that no business, small or large, should ignore. I realised that some local businesses were too tasked with running their business and serving customers that they didn’t have time to invest in using digital tools to promote and grow their business. From experience, I knew you didn’t need a big budget or a top tier marketing team to build and maintain an online presence. There is a lot you can accomplish with limited resources and the right tools. I launched Write Style Communications just before Christmas last year to help local businesses become a part of people’s every day life through digital marketing using affordable and easy to manage tools. I enjoy helping business owners expand their online presence by building a website, adding an online store, introducing email marketing or setting up a social media account.

What is it about your business that you love? and Why
I love that I get to combine my love of writing and passion for new technology every single day. I also get to share the excitement with a client launching their website; give them a high five when they hit send on their first email campaign; and have a little proud moment when I see their posts in my Facebook feed. Many of the businesses I work with are from my home town. It’s nice to know we are supporting each other. I generally end up being a customer of their business which is particularly dangerous when it’s a women’s clothing store! I’m also loving the flexibility that owning my own business provides.

What are you key tips for content creation?
Content is king especially in the digital realm. It can help move a business forward and place you at the top of mind when prospects are ready to buy. A small business needs to identify what types of content they need to create to improve and grow their business. Some ideas include tip sheets, staff profiles, education materials and a list of frequently asked questions. Sources of content inspiration include blogs, Twitter, Instagram, magazines, enewsletters and more. However, the best source of content inspiration which is unique to the business is customer feedback. For example, turn customers frequently asked questions into a resource list on a website. Once the content has been identified, find ways to create once; use many. A business can save time and resources by creating content that can be re-used; essentially get more “bang for you buck.”

I recommend establishing a 12 month calendar to help you and the team see the larger roadmap. Mark it out with events, holidays and advertising campaigns, then add content ideas around those themes. My secret tip is using sticky notes so you can move content ideas around to get the sequence just right. There are a lot of free online and offline tools a business can use to create attractive graphics, schedule the content in advance, and monitor results. I use Canva, Hootsuite and Pocket to create, schedule and collect content inspiration.

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